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Don't send a girl you've never met a drawing you've made of her face

If there’s one thing women can all agree on, it’s that we don’t like being internet stalked. And yet certain men never seem to get the message.

Take it from Natalie Steinbrink. She was recently Tindstagrammed — when someone from Tinder finds you on Instagram and slides into your DMs. But the “random tinder guy” who reached out to her also included a drawing he made that was inspired by one of her Instagram photos. 

Umm. Very not cool, random tinder guy. 

His message to her read, “Hope this isn’t weird. I get inspired sometimes while swiping through tinder. And I feel if someone inspires you and it manifests into art they deserve to see it. Sincerely, random Tinder guy.”


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Steinbrink made it clear she did not swipe right on him. He had no reason to think she was interested in him. He only stalked her Insta and decided she probably wanted a creepy picture of herself.

He felt she deserved to see his “art,” though it probably made a far different impression than he was expecting. And even though he didn’t explicitly say he was looking for a date, he’s definitely not getting one now.

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